10 Fun Filled Activities for Families to Achieve an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Day at the beach

As healthy adults, most of us have a set routine of how we spend our weekends and that usually includes a form of workout. For most, it might consist of going to the gym or doing a physical activity such as running, biking, swimming outside of their home. As parents, we should include our kids in our active lifestyle, so they can also grow up to be healthy adults and continue the trend of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

There are a number of activities that we can do with our kids and for most parents some of these activities might not be ideal but guess what, we should still perform them with our kids as its a lot easier for us to go for a run around the park then for them to lift weights with us at the gym.

To take pressure of your kids, gradually introduce them to some of these exercises and don’t force them to like any one of these as they need to have fun while performing them, otherwise it becomes a chore.

Below are my favourite exercises and activities that I like to do with my kids and I am sure you parents out there will enjoy them as much as I do. Well not all of them but I am sure we as parents will do anything we can to make our kids happy and health, right?

Playing Tag

When you ask your kids whether they want to run, typically the answer would be No. So how do you make them run and become more active? Start with playing some of their favorite games and nothing beats the good old tag. Most kids already know the game and let them dictate the paste and duration. I promise, most parents would get tired before their kids do and the entire family can get a great workout. As parents, the key to living an active and healthy lifestyle that includes your family is to indulge in activities that are well liked by your kids.


Biking is a great way to have fun while exploring your neighborhood or local park. Most kids love to bike and its an easy way for parents to bond with their kids while leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Don’t make the bike rides too long where your kids become excessively tired and end up hating the overall experience. Keep a slow paste and pick a location and time that is preferable for young kids.


Probably the most fun activity on this list and its one of the most favorite activity amongst kids. Kids love to spend time in the water and its a perfect activity for most parents who enjoy swimming to live an active and healthy lifestyle. You can play numerous water games with your kids and get a great workout while having ton of fun. I promise, you won’t need to ask twice to get them off their device and go for a swim as most kids would happily trade their devices for a fun time at the pool with their friends and family.

Punching Bag Drills

Kids love to exert their pent up energy through kicking and punching. And what’s better than a good old punching bag in your garage that you kids can use while under your supervision. Its a great bonding time that allows for sufficient physical activity while introducing self defense. Kids tend to gain self confidence and will definitely enjoy the time spent on doing all sort of fun training with the punching bag.



Hiking is all about finding joy in the outdoors and most kids love to hike and explore the outdoors. Plus it provides the perfect opportunity for families to live an active and healthy lifestyle that includes their favorite activity. We suggest to find hikes that are flat with a very low degree of difficulty as you don’t want to bore your kids with a difficult and intense hike. Most kids who hate hiking would tell you that they don’t enjoy the difficulty that comes from long hikes, especially during summer. Pick a local easy hike and enjoy the outdoors with your kids.

Body-weight exercises

There are a number of bodyweight exercises that are both fun and good for kids. Exercises such as squads, jumping, lunges, push-ups, high-knees, etc are all great body weight exercises that you can introduce to your kids at a fairly young age. Let them have fun with these exercises and you can certainly guide them through the motion and making sure that they have the correct form and posture.


From basketball to baseball, kids love sports and this could be your perfect opportunity to help guide them towards a healthy lifestyle while allowing them to have fun with their sport. Take them to a local park and practice their favorite sport with them. You might not be the coach but they will certainly love to spend that time with you.

Beach Day

Nothing screams louder and more fun than taking your young ones to the beach for a day of picnicking. Beach can be the perfect place to have fun and be active at the same time. Kids love to run around on the beach and that is the perfect place for the parents to start joining them in being active. Instead of taking junk food to the beach, make it a priority to take healthy food with you and enjoy it with your kids. Come up with fun and interacting activities at the beach that both you and your kids can perform.


This is one of the activities that don’t get the needed exposure that it needs to receive because not a lot of adults are into meditation which means that it will not transfer over to their kids. Meditation can be a great way to reduce stress and teach your kids to get into a calm zoon where they can learn to relax and cope with their stress. In a never ending pandemic, kids are more prone to stress and thus it will help them immensely with their mental health. And what is better than having calm and collective kids.


Last but not least, walking with your kids can be the most fun activity amongst this list if you pick the right destination. Alot of parents walk the same neighborhood or park on a regular basis which makes the activity of walking a boring one for most kids. Kids like to see new places, so explore different neighborhoods, parks and other destination that are easily accessible for a beautiful and energetic afternoon or morning walk. Avoid taking your kids on a walk during uncomfortable weather conditions as that can easily deter them from going on regular walks with their parents. We recommend picking morning and early evening for a nice and short walk. Let your kids take their favorite transportation vehicle such as scooter if they prefer to do so.


Its the simple things around you that will generate the most reward when it comes to living a healthy and active lifestyle with your young kids. A fruit tree that doesn’t get the proper care when its just a seed will not amount to a healthy tree and there isn’t much you can do to change that one the tree is fully grown. So use your time wisely when it comes to bonding with your kids and teach them the discipline required to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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