Fitness Trackers: Our Best Picks Based on Quality, Design and Affordability

Fitness Trackers help you stay motivated (Photo: Amazon)

If you are a fitness enthusiast or just trying to keep your health in check, then you might have heard about fitness trackers. These bands are simply a way of recording your movement and other factors like your calories, heart rate and pulse. This device has a sensor that helps to record your data which you can analyze to make better health decisions.

It can help you to stay motivated:

Fitness trackers help figures out your sleeping activity, counts your step, checks your heart rate, water intake along with many other functions. This helps you to keep a check on your health and make sure you stay committed to it. They also alert you if you have been inactive for a long period of time to help remind you to stay active.

Who needs this device?

Fitness trackers are mainly intended for people who are very keen on regulating their health and lifestyle. Anyone with a busy lifestyle who needs some help in keeping tabs on their health can take advantage of these trackers.

Before you purchase one, make sure you are fully committed to using a fitness tracker. You would want to purchase one which has your required features and compatibility with your phone.

Based on our rigorous testing and customer feedback, here are the 3 options that we highly recommend:

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Our Pick: Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 allows you to go to any limit. This fitness tracker is water proof so you can wear it while taking laps in your pool. A built-in GPS, Active Zone minutes, Sleep tracking and exercise modes allow you to achieve all your health goals. 24/7 heart rate tracking helps to measure your calorie burn a lot better. Not only that, it has Spotify App from where you can play your favorite songs while on the go. For a smaller screen, it is easy to navigate through it. The battery life also lasts for a long time. For the price point, you can get the amazing feature of GPS tracking. It will also connect and sync with your phone easily.  Although Fitbit might have a higher price, but it also provides much more modes and a better battery life. Similarly, it also has a much sleeker design which looks beautiful on the wrist.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon41,407 Reviews
Ratings5 star 76%
4 stars 13%
3 stars 4%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsGPS tracking at a good price point
Long battery life
Light & easy to wear
Easy to navigate

Also Great: Letscom Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate

With intuitive heart rate monitoring, sleep and daily fitness tracking, this fitness tracker helps you stay motivated for a healthier lifestyle. This tracker is easy to wear and set up. It offers many advance features at an affordable price. There are many different modes present which you can choose from like walk mode, dance mode, run mode etc. You can easily switch bands colors and wear it comfortably on your wrist for all day. The best part is that this tracker is both sweat and waterproof. It is extremely comfortable to wear for long time. You can also set up alerts to remind you of your sedentary time period. The Upper casing is made up of polycarbonate, while the band is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This device is not for swimming, bathing or snorkeling. Easily charge this device by using smart main unit from band and connect USB port to DC USB port.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon12,937 Reviews
Ratings5 star 60%
4 stars 18%
3 stars 10%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsEasy to use
Easy to set
Amazing for the price
Different Modes to choose from

Also Great: Lintelek Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

Linetelek fitness tracker will track 14 sports mode and will tell you heart rate, number of calories consumed, steps and your body status. You can also view alerts of call and messages. The built-in USB port allows for you to charge it easily via a port. This fitness tracker is easy to wear on your wrists and is not bulky or heavy. You can easily sync it with your phone and use. The battery life also lasts a long time, allowing you to easily monitor and track your fitness activities. This fitness tracker is not intended for swimming, bathing or snorkeling as it is not waterproof. It is one of the best options in budget-friendly fitness trackers. Not only does it have a lot of color options, but also many modes you can choose from. We do not recommend this product for athletes who are looking to increase their performance through this tracker as its not meant for heavy use.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon8,270 Reviews
Ratings5 star 57%
4 stars 18%
3 stars 10%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsEasy to Use
Comfortable Wear
Different Workout Modes
Good Price Point
Provides accurate data

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