Ankle Weights: Who Should Use Them and Our Top 3 Picks

Ankle weights can also be used on wrists (Photo: Amazon)

What are ankle weights and what are they used for?

Ankle weights were first introduced in the 80s, but they are used till date by fitness and health enthusiasts. Ankle weights attach to the area just above your ankle joint to provide added weight to your leg motions. The point of the extra weight is to increase the strength of your glutes, quadriceps and calve muscles due to the additional resistance, resulting in an increased muscle mass over time.

Ankle weights can add a lot of value to your home workout routine as it adds a degree of ease to doing certain exercises that you normally would not be able to perform without sophisticated equipment’s which are mostly found at a gym. Most of them can also be worn on the wrist, thus making it multi-functional.

Ankle weights are not meant to be worn for a long period of time due to the awkward positioning of the weights that are worn above your ankle. Runners might see some benefit in adding ankle weights to their routine, strains, sprains and minor injuries are more likely to occur while running or walking. Ankle weights are also beneficial to those people suffering from arthritis, says exercise scientist Len Kravitz, writing for the University of New Mexico.

Who should use ankle weights?

Ankle weights offer the most benefits for strength-training exercises that use the weights to isolate different muscle groups. A good example of exercises that can benefit from ankle weights are the leg lift exercise, sumo squats and lunges. For example, the leg lift exercise can be made more difficult by using ankle weights as it will add higher resistance to this workout thus providing a more demanding core exercise.

You can also wear them on your writs

Ankle weights are less effective when it comes to aerobic and cardiovascular exercise as they can put unnecessary strain on your muscles and can thus increase the probability of injuries.

If you think that adding ankle weights to your workout routine would benefit your performance then we highly suggest the following 3 options. Please consult your physician prior to implementing ankle weights in your workout routine.

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Our Pick: Fragraim Adjustable Ankle Weights

These adjustable ankle weights from Fragraim are on top of this category due to its quality, functionality and customer satisfaction. 5 individual sandbags in each pack, each bag weighs 1 lbs, total weights can be adjusted from 1-10 lbs pair for increased resistance. The material is durable, stretchable and of premium quality. It absorbed moisture quite well thus making it breathable and very comfortable to wear. These ankle weights are very durable and can be used for long-lasting workouts. The adjustable strap allows you to either tighten or loosen to ensure it fits according to your needs. It is easy to wear and remove and can be easily transported during travel. The best part, it comes with 60-days free return and 18-month replacement warranty.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon1,765 Reviews
Ratings5 star 78%
4 stars 14%
3 stars 4%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy to Use
Light weight
Comfortable wear
Soft and breathable

Also Great: BONA Fitness Adjustable Ankle Weights with Reflective Trim

These ankle weights by BONA made it to the top of our list based on the design element which makes it really easy to use both on ankles and wrists. The adjustable strap allows it to be used to various sizes. Silver reflective trim allows them to be used easily at night. Each ankle weight has its own weight marking, so that you can easily choose from them. Reflective design makes it much more convenient if you run or jog at night. The material is soft and breathable and absorbs the extra moisture and sweat. The ankle weights are filled with high quality sand and the sturdy stitching makes it more appealing and much more durable. The Velcro straps make it super easy to adjust according to your size.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon1,372 Reviews
Ratings5 star 77%
4 stars 14%
3 stars 5%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsBreathable material
Reflective design
Can be used on wrists
Easy to adjust
Comfortable wear

Also Great: TheraBand Ankle Weights, Comfort Fit Wrist & Ankle Cuff Weight Set

If you are looking for a budget friendly option in ankle weights, then this one by TheraBand is a must try. TheraBand offers a set of two weights, 1 pound each. Each weight has sleek neoprene exterior and an adjustable strap to adjust to your size. A soft and non-abrasive terry cloth helps to retain and absorb the extra moisture. These weights can easily be worn on your wrists or ankles. A reflective trim band allows you to use it safely at night, for running or jogging. These weights fit snugly into your skin without causing any abrasion.

The soft cloth liner on the inside of these weights provides an added level of comfort over plastic and vinyl materials used in other cuff weights. The buckle closure allows for easy adjustment to fit various ankle and wrist sizes, and the hook and loop strap is long enough to pull snugly through the buckle and keep the weight in place through all movements.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon344 Reviews
Ratings5 star 76%
4 stars 14%
3 stars 5%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsBreathable material
Trim Reflective design
Can be used on wrists
Easy to adjust
Comes in a pair of two

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