Best Natural Deodorants For Women: Aluminum-Free Variants For All Skin Types

Try this natural deodorant for women (Photo: Amazon)

The clean beauty movement has inspired a wide array of deodorants that use ingredients that are innovative, moisturizing, and natural. So you should have little to no trouble finding a deodorant based on your preferred scent, active ingredients, and application. Here, we share the best aluminum-free deodorants for women that you can trust to keep your underarms fresh and dry all day long.

Best Overall

This aluminum free deodorant for women is available in various fresh scents such as Eucalyptus and Mint, Coconut and Vanilla, and Herbal Musk and Citrus, this deodorant is designed to keep you fresh and odor-free. It’s derived from all natural ingredients and is free of phthalates. This aluminum-free deodorant for women uses baking soda and probiotics to fight odor-causing bacteria. Its great for those who sweat a lot especially during workouts.

Best For Fighting Odor

Some of us need more deodorant than others and this is the perfect option for women who wants to continuously feel fresh throughout their busy day. Infused with a lavender-vanilla fragrance, this deodorant will keep you comfortable and fresh throughout the day with just a few swipes. It has a clear and creamy formula and doesn’t come with a synthetic fragrance. This aluminum-free deodorant for women is made with a bentonite clay formula with magnesium. It’s great for fighting odors and bacteria.

Another Great Option

A plant based option that glides smoothly on your skin without that messy and sticky residue that stains your clothes. We love that its free from baking soda and the product has not been tested on any animals. It’s formulated with organic coconut milk, coconut water, and natural oils. This makes this aluminum-free deodorant for women gentle and soothing for sensitive skin conditions.

Best For Sensitive Skin

Made with an unscented formula, this mineral roll-on is free of perfumes. It’s made with mineral salts, which are gentle on your skin, especially if it’s on the sensitive side. It has 3 pieces per pack and you can also purchase a spray version. This aluminum-free deodorant for women dries quickly on your skin. It doesn’t leave any sticky, oily residue, making it suitable for daily use.

Best Non Staining

This deodorant stick has coconut oil for smoothness, magnesium hydroxide for odor control, and essential oils for fragrance. In just one or two swipes, you’ll have the coverage you need. Its certified cruelty free and comes in all natural fragrances. This aluminum-free deodorant for women is an award-winning formula for neutralizing body odors. It contains naturally derived ingredients such as tea tree, lavender, and shea butter.

Best Scents

Silky and smooth, this deodorant stick will glide easily upon application and leave the product generously on your skin on your first few tries. Its free of alcohol and dyes and comes in 11 different scents. This aluminum-free deodorant for women contains naturally derived ingredients. To keep you dry all day, it has cornstarch, beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils.

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