The 20 hottest and trendiest health and fitness theme gifts


Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for your loved ones who are into health and fitness? There are so many options available online that it might be overwhelming, so our staff at fitresidents got to work and found the top 20 coolest and trendiest health and fitness products that are guaranteed to make a great gift, no matter the occasion.

Here are our picks and most of them are offering limited promotions, so make sure to act quickly if you like any of these products and take advantage of the current deals:

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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Fitness Smart Watch

Amazfit GTS 2 offers a super light and thin smart watch with a skin-friendly silicone strap. This watch tracks and monitors your heart rate and sleep quality. You can also manage your stress and oxygen levels. With a 14-day battery life and more than 70 sports modes, it is the best purchase for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

“The mini fitness smart watch was the best addition to my fitness journey”, wrote one satisfied customer.  

amBand Leather Band Compatible 

At an amazing price of $16.99 only, you can purchase this amBand which is adjustable with Apple Watch series 1-5. This leather strap provides a lot of comfort with a stylish and individual look. Add some cool looking pattern with a lot of comfort and grip to your apple watches. You can easily install it and this makes a great gift for anyone who is into wearables.

CROWNFUL Mini Fridge

Talk about coooool. With up to 4 liters capacity, a fan motor that operates quietly, and aa durable and eco-friendly option, this mini fridge from crownful is a great gifting option and will make a unique gift that you would be remembered for everytime your loved one opens up this fridge. It is portable, and can be used for skin care, cosmetics, food, and even dorm room.  It is also a perfect option to gift someone who loves to travel a lot.

“Great little fridge, perfect for keeping my skincare products cool and fresh”, said one satisfied customer.


Breo Foot Massager

A foot massager is the best gift from valentines’ deals suited for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Breo’s foot massager will provide air compression massage, with variable intensity to relieve tired foot muscles. The heat function will also relax sore muscles and relieve any stress. This is a great wellness experience that you can gift to your loved ones.

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A perfect gift for all yogi’s and fitness enthusiasts. A perfect yoga mat from Heathyoga is an eco-friendly option, which also is non-slip and provides excellent cushioning. The body alignment system will also help the yogis to get the perfect grip. It is a longer and wider yoga than the regular mats, making it perfect for all levels of yogis.

“Best yoga mat I ever used for my everyday at home workout”, said one happy customer.

FAYBOX 6pcs Magic Wide Wicking Headbands

A great gift for your loved ones who are fond of outdoor sports. These headbands can be used for hair, wrist or even as a face mask. These bands are lightweight, breathable and absorb the sweat well. It is the perfect deal as you get six different face masks in one pack, perfect for a small gift.

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand

A perfect gift from our list is this multifunctional and adjustable laptop stand from Saiji. This laptop stand is perfect for people who work from home and use their laptop for office work. This stand is portable, sturdy and saves a lot of space as well. Thus, this makes a perfect choice for a useful gift.

BALEAF Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie

Made with 100% polyester, this Hoodie from Baleaf is a perfect gift for men. This is perfect for men who are more into outdoor activities like sports, hiking, fishing, running or any other sports. This hoodie will protect them from harmful sun rays and the design also helps to reduce chaffing while providing comfort.

“A perfect clothing gear to wear for outdoor sports, keeps you protected from sun rays”, a happy customer said.

Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes

With breathable mesh layer, these running shoes are perfect to gift any woman. They have a memory foam inside which helps protect feet from sprain or injury. The rubber sole makes them lightweight and easy to wear, thus making them perfect for running or any sports activity.

“The comfiest and most lightweight running shoes, that protect my feet from everyday sprains so well”, a satisfied user commented.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a hardcore fitness enthusiast, then this is it. It is the best-selling push-up equipment, which helps tone up your shoulders and arms. The ergonomic design also helps reduce pressure and distribute weight so that there is no injury. It securely grips the surfaces, so can be used easily at any place.

RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale

What could be a better gift for a fitness enthusiast than a scale to measure BMI and weight? One of the best products from our list, this digital scale which can measure up to 13 essential body measurements. Not only is it user friendly, but it is also of high quality with a very low margin of error.

Yes4All Sandbags

If your loved one is into hardcore fitness and working out, then this is the perfect gift for them. Yes4All Sandbag comes in many colors and sizes, best suited to your needs. It helps build strength and stability and is a perfect option to train yourself. The bags are also sturdy and durable and are currently offered at a discount.

“ A perfect and durable sandbag made to be used easily at home or take along to gym”, a satisfied fitness expert wrote.

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

Row-n-ride trainer is a perfect gift for your loved ones who are into home fitness which so many of us are currently into. This equipment can be easily used at home and a digital monitor will track the progress. You can easily adjust the squat depth and the resistance depending on your level. Develop speed, tone and burn your calories easily at home.

Giotto Large 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

Giotto’s Water Bottle is a perfect gift for your loved ones to keep them healthy and hydrated. With motivational quotes and time marker, you can keep a track on how much water you had. The water bottle is made up of BPA and toxin free material and is environmentally friendly too.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

These 100% synthetic, imported and fit for running shoes are made specifically for female runners. This is a perfect gift for someone who is into running or like to go out on regular walks. The cloud foam memory with rubber sole, makes it a comfortable fit specifically made for women and to help them run better.

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This water bottle is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones to remind them to drink their water on a regular basis and thus keeping them healthy. You can make drinking water super fun by adding any fruit of your choice! It has a beautiful sleek design, and a cover to keep it sweat proof! Say hello to your fruit infused water till the last drop!

Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag with Large Size Pocket and Zipper Pocket

Made specifically to carry yoga mats, this bag is a perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts. These bags can carry anything from yoga mats to water bottle and make a perfect accessory to carry to the gym or even for shopping. The wider strap makes it easy to carry around, without being tired!

High Protein Fitness Healthy Snack Box

Is your loved one on a diet and cannot indulge in regular sugary treats? Then gift this perfect healthy snack box to them! This snack box has 20 nutritious snacks individually wrapped. These snacks are low in sugar and high in protein, thus making a perfect gift for your loved ones. You can also customize it and add any other snack that you like!

“A perfect gift box with all snacks that fill you up, and you don’t even feel guilty while munching on them”, a satisfied buyer wrote.

EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit with Knee Pad

This Ab Roller wheel is a suitable gift for someone who loves to workout at home! This targets core muscles and trains them. The whole family is going to enjoy using them as it comes with plenty of accessories to use and it is safe to use. The ab wheel itself is made up of strong stainless still which has perfect grip and comfort.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Men & Women

With a contour design for an easy fit, this waist trimmer is a must have for every fitness enthusiast. It is a perfect gift to your loved ones who are looking to slim their waist down! The material neoprene helps in sweating, thus keeping your core muscles tight. The lining will limit movement during exercise, thus preventing it to slip.

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