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Spectrum Classic (Photo: Amazon)

For all the volleyball lovers, there isn’t a better feeling then the one that you get while playing under the hot sun surrounded by mother nature. We tested numerous outdoor volleyball net systems to make sure that we only recommend the best system that meets your requirements. Before investing in one, read through the rest of the article to make sure that you make the best decision.

  • Determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor system.
  • If you are going to play in your lawn, you might want to choose an in-ground system which you need to install once only in a single place. A portable system is quite handy for travelling. This sort of system is more preferred by people who are travelling and have a professional court already.
  • Make sure that it can accommodate your size. Our recommended volleyball net systems can be adjusted to multiple sizes that will meet almost anyone’s requirements.
  • Go with a lightweight net system.

Don’t go cheap if you are in it for the log run

It is better to buy a professional volleyball system rather than a non-standard one simply due to accuracy of measurements. The cheaper versions do not have that much accuracy which throws off the improvements in users’ performance with time. You will not be able to judge your performance better. Similarly, the professional versions have good quality, are sturdier and more reliable. They can also be easily transported and used for outdoor play. It is better to invest once in a good quality system, rather than spend money again and again.

OUR PICK: Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic

Park & Sun Sports offer a professional volleyball net system which comes with push-buttons aluminum poles. Compared to other sets, they offer three different height adjustments for playing. Boundary is pre-measured and comes with cornered anchors and equipment bag. This professional net system is used by nation’s top volleyball tournament and leagues. It is extremely durable, easy to set up and play with. They have re-invented the traditional volleyball net system with their net sleeve design and colorful net tapes.

It is much lighter than any other professional grade system, which makes it easy to use. The three height options make it easier for anyone to play. It is very sturdy and easy to set up or take down. The material is heavy duty and can withstand the toughest of plays. It is a very good option if you are looking for an outdoor volleyball net system. Everything that you need is in the bag already. You can easily install it on grass field and even on beach. With good care, this system can last for a good time. 

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon808 Reviews
Ratings5 star 87%
4 stars 8%
3 stars 2%
2 Stars 1%
1 Star 1%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy to Use
Quick setup
Light in weight
Easy to transport
Withstands for a long time

Runner up: Park & Son Sports Spectrum 2000

This volleyball net comes with telescopic aluminum pole set. The pole locking system allows to change to three different heights according to your need. Double guy line with tension rings enables for easy setup. Even during rough play, this net remains in the same condition and does not drops. Entire set comes in a zipped bag with also defined boundary. This bag makes it easy to store and transport the system along.

Park and Sun Sports have been supplying to top volleyball leagues and tournaments. This Spectrum 2000 series is extremely light in weight and easy to set up. You can easily adjust the height according to your requirement. This volleyball system is a solid mid-level net system, which is extremely easy to set up and take down. The net quality is much comparable to other net systems available. It stays put in the same place and withstands the toughest of plays. The poles set up easily in softer grounds as well.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon126 Reviews
Ratings5 star 84%
4 stars 11%
3 stars 4%
2 Stars 1%
1 Star 0%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy to Use
Quick and easy set up
Good net qualit
yEasy to transport
Very durable

Budget Pick: Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000

Park & Sun Sports Flex 1000 portable outdoor volleyball net system is a great budget friendly option for fun playing experience. It can be easily used for outdoor play, whether professional or recreational. The system is designed with aluminum telescopic poles that can be fixed easily in the ground. With the push button technology, you can easily adjust the height to your need. The tension ring allows the net to be installed perfectly, to be able to withstand the toughest games and weather conditions.

A boundary is also included for you to play the game with ease. A cord winder helps keep everything wrapped up when not in use. The soft material of cover reduces impact to your hands and wrists when playing. The whole volleyball net system can be easily fit inside an equipment bag which makes it easy to travel with. The set up for the poles is extremely easy to do. Quality of net and pole systems are top notch. Overall, the performance is good for a portable volleyball net system.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon381 Reviews
Ratings5 star 70%
4 stars 15%
3 stars 7%
2 Stars 3%
1 Star 5%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy to Set
Good quality of net and poles
Budget Friendly
Portable and easy to transfer
Easy to store

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