Adjustable Dumbbells: Things you should know before buying and our recommended picks

Adjustable Dumbbells (Photo: Amazon)

Adjustable dumbbells look like an ordinary pair of dumbbells but come with a lot of convenient features. It is basically a single pair dumbbell, whose weight can be adjusted as needed by the user. The adjustable dumbbell can take your training sessions to a whole new level and give your fitness journey the right direction.

Whether you are setting up a new home gym or looking to add some new equipment, there is nothing better than having the right pair of adjustable dumbbells. A big reason behind its immense popularity is that it serves many purposes. Clearly, anyone would buy one pair of adjustable dumbbells rather than 3 pairs of regular ones. Besides, they are not that expensive. If you find the right pair of dumbbells, it can be the most valuable addition to your home gym.

Fixed vs Adjustable Dumbbells?

If you are committed to working out at home, we cannot recommend a better piece than a pair of quality adjustable dumbbells. Especially if you are focusing on strength training or interval training, this will be your favorite free weight options within no time. Also when you can get a pair of adjustable dumbbells at a lower price than 2-3 regular dumbbells, then why not give it a try.

Users love these products because its a big space saver, portable, widely available, durable, versatile and most importantly, budget friendly.

With the skyrocketing demand for this product, low-grade products are starting to pop up and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to separate the best adjustable dumbbells from the sets that aren’t so great. You have to carefully pick the right one considering factors such as, durability, adjustability, material, design, cost and space.

To help with your decision process, we did the research, and some serious testing of numerous products to find the best adjustable dumbbells available in the market right now.

Our pick: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Version 2 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are not some product that is new on the market. In fact, it has been leading the market of adjustable dumbbells for years. This model is rather the newest and upgraded version of the popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbell. This product is exceptionally easy to use and a huge space-saver. Instead of working with 15 sets of traditional dumbbells, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 itself can serve many uses. What customers loved most about this product is that Unlike other adjustable dumbbells, it doesn’t involve pins, screws, and the hassle of removing or adding the plates yourself. It comes with a unique dial system that allows you to quickly switch weights during a workout session for easy flow and repetition. Each dumbbell can be adjustable from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds.

One happy shopper quotes “My biggest problem was to find the right set of dumbbells until I found this. They are really nice and practical. I can easily have a home workout plan with only these.” What’s more! This amazing pair comes with a two-year warranty on parts and weight plates.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon10200+ review
Ratings5 star 86%
4 stars 8%
3 stars 2%
2 stars 1%
1 stars 3%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsWide Range of Weight Settings
Full-Body Workouts
Comfortable Grip Handles

Runner up: GRIT Adjustable Dumbbells Set

Grit Elite Gear is a premium brand with a team of passionate health and fitness specialists at the core, who all are aligned to help customers enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Their latest addition Adjustable Dumbbells Set – 11 to 55 Lbs with fast adjusting dial weights has been successfully satisfying the needs of customers. One of the major upsides of the GRIT adjustable dumbbells set is that the weight bar offers a very contented and blister-friendly grips. Whether you are using it for squats or front raises, the shape of the weight plates makes them easy to grip.

The wider weight range allows you to do intense exercises such as shrugs and lunges as well as lighter ones like curls and raises with this 2 pack of dumbbell weights. Our team of expert testers suggests that It is great for everyone be it professional who are building strong muscle fibers or beginner fitness enthusiasts owing to ease of use while modifying muscle lines. As far as movement goes, the grooved texture of the weight plates and the rounded shape makes these dumbbells easy to move during the exercises that require you to hold the plates directly.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon50+ review
Ratings5 star 82%
4 stars 13%
3 stars 0%
2 stars 0%
1 stars 5%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsPremium Quality
Feature Rich Design
Comprehensive Fitness Solution
Ergonomic and Comfortable
Wider Weight Range

Budget pick: ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

It is sold as a single piece adjustable dumbbell and has four different weights ranging from 5.5 to 27.5 pounds. The compact push-pull design takes up the least space in your home gym. It is designed for ease of use considering beginner users. It is also quite simple to adjust the weights, so you can move through your workout swiftly. The expert designer made a useful base for it to protect your floor.

 “This is very convenient and versatile. It feels durable and the mechanism to change weights is really smooth. It is also very sleek looking and feels way more expensive than some of the overpriced brands” One satisfied Amazon reviewer wrote. Our team of testers also agrees that this one is the best affordable option for adjustable dumbbells.  Another plus point is the ergonomic handles with a soft and textured rubber grip that helps to prevent calluses. Among their numerous benefits, water-resistance is also worth mentioning. Sweat can the greatest enemy in causing corrosion. But the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbell is properly secured with protective finishing to keep the iron away from corrosion. So if you are thinking about trying out adjustable dumbbells, this affordable option can be your best bet.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon1130+ review
Ratings5 star 75%
4 stars 14%
3 stars 4%
2 stars 2%
1 stars 5%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsQuicker weight adjustment with a push-pull design
Quite affordable
Soft and comfortable grip handle
Compact for easy storage

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