Women’s Running Shoes: Our Top 3 Picks Based on Durability, Fashion, Comfort, and Quality

Brooks Women's Ghost 13 (Photo: Amazon)

Whether your workout involves running, jumping, walking, sports, or intense training, a decent sport shoe is a must for female fitness enthusiasts. Injury caused by inappropriate shoes can disrupt your fitness or weight loss attempt needlessly. Investing in a high quality women running shoes can help you prevent foot or ankle damage and allow you to focus more on your workout.

Why you should invest in a quality pair of running shoes?

Usually, women are running in the forward direction, to support that, running shoes are designed for movement in the heel to toe direction. This is unlike the regular training shoes which are all designed for lateral movement. Also, running shoes are designed considering the fact that the arches of the foot of male and female runners are different. Not just for injury or performance, a pair of running shoes makes your everyday walking experience more pleasant and comfortable either way. So, if you take your health seriously, you should invest in a high-quality running shoes meant for the running gait and the specific biomechanics of female runners.

However, there are a variety of sports shoes available on the market for different purposes. Running shoes with inbuilt shock absorbers are designed for joggers, lightweight walking shoes are custom made for walkers, Aerobic shoes are shock absorbing to prevent foot fatigue from high-intensity aerobic exercise and Tennis shoes come with flexible soles to protect the feet from the quick side-to-side movements. According to the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society, the type of shoe you choose should depend on the activity you are most active in. So picking up the right shoe for you is the key here to not only prevent injuries but also for improved athletic performance.

Important things to keep in mind before buying your next pair of running shoes:

To get the maximum assistance from running shoes, women must carefully choose the right size and shape for them. The shoes should be slightly longer than the foot so that there is enough space for movement. The American Podiatric Medical Association suggested that appropriate running footwear should provide shock absorption and match a person’s foot arch type. It is also recommended to replace running shoes frequently to avoid joint overuse and injury. Besides, a recent study conducted in early 2020, states that features such as shoe mass, material breathability, and hardness are the most important qualities in the construction of a running shoe.

Furthermore, The McKinley Health Centre recommends that Before purchasing women should take feet measurement in the afternoon, evening, or after a workout because the feet are largest at these times.

Per our extensive testing and thousands of customer reviews, we recommend the following options that are available for purchase on Amazon.

Our Pick: Brooks Women’s Ghost 13

The ghost series from Brooks has been a permanent favorite of athletes from new runners to marathon maniacs. This high-quality shoe from the renowned brand stands out among all because of its smooth ride that holds up over the miles. According to our testers, Ghost 13 improved their ventilation from the Ghost 12 with a new air mesh 3D printed upper. The midsole of the latest version is designed using a dual foam setup of DNA Loft on the lateral side and BioMogo on the middle. As the two forms are similar in density, it makes the ride balanced and stable.

The custom made the medium-soft ride for female runners results in an incredibly versatile shoe which all trainers strive to achieve. However, The Brooks Ghost 13 is a comfortable neutral running shoe with stable and smooth ride transitions. What we like most about this one is it’s plush upper which has been updated with Air Mesh for an even more breathable and cooler ride. This lightweight shoe provides a soft landing while also letting you feel the terrain beneath. So if you are looking for the best running shoe for everyday use, our suggestion will be to blindly go for Brooks Women’s Ghost 13.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon2300+ review
Ratings5 star 87%
4 stars 8%
3 stars 3%
2 stars 1%
1 stars 2%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsBalanced
soft cushioning
stable transitions
Lightweight and breathable Luxurious upper Versatile ride

Runner-Up: Under Armour Charged Women’s Assert 8 Running Shoe

The runner up in this list is from our all-time favorite brand Under Armor. This women’s Assert 8 Running Shoe is a lightweight shoe that performs well on runs of all distances. The shoe molds to the foot perfectly to create a great fit which in turn leads to a comfortable run. After trying from every angle we found that this particular shoe is for runners who need a balance of flexibility, stability & cushioning. To talk about the breathability, we must mention It’s a lightweight mesh upper with a beautiful 3-color digital print that delivers complete ventilation.

The midfoot is designed with durable leather overlays which provide ideal support. Charged Cushioning midsole is built using compression molded foam for superior responsiveness & durability. Solid rubber outsole covers high impact zones for optimal cushioning & energy return. Overall it offers a perfect balance of flexibility, stability & cushioning which is rarely found in every other running shoe.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon5250+ review
Ratings5 star 77%
4 stars 12%
3 stars 5%
2 stars 2%
1 stars 3%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewsExtremely breathable
bouncy midsole Ample cushion in the heal
Versatile look and trendy design

Budget pick: Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

With an impressive blend of comfort and performance all at a reasonable price tag, Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is one of the best affordable Running Shoe according to our expert testers. You might find other good quality shoes at this price range, but this particular shoe stands out in almost every single rating metric. Keeping up with today’s trendy modern sneaker, the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure comes with a women’s running shoe uniquely designed with a stretchy mesh upper and excellent cushioning. With the latest technology, these Adidas running shoes feature a foot-hugging knit upper and a perfect female-friendly fit. Besides, it’s soft midsole cushioning adds comfort not only while running but also for an evening coffee walk in the neighborhood.

Within a very affordable pricing, this shoe provides a lightweight and breathable comfort, while the Cloudfoam technology provides a spongy in-step feel in every stride. There are also enough paddings all around the sides that ensure your painless run and make this sneaker perfect for everyday use. What users love most about this shoe is that it can easily be paired with any outfit with its elegant and straightforward design that comes in various neutral colorways. All in all, these sneakers are undoubtedly the best bet for people who value comfort, style, and good deals.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon31800+ review
Ratings5 star 81%
4 stars 11%
3 stars 5%
2 stars 2%
1 stars 2%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5 star reviewslightweight and breathable
upper Versatile design
High-quality sole
Long-lasting durability
Excellent quality and comfortable

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