Men’s multivitamin: Why you need them and our expert recommended options

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Should men take multi-vitamin on daily basis?

Multivitamins are nutritional supplement containing combination of vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, Minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Folate and Calcium. These nutrition’s are generally present in our diet, but may not be fulfilled if our diet is poor or if we suffer from any illness. In such case, one needs to include multivitamins in their daily lifestyle to ensure they are not deficient in any of those. Certain conditions like chronic illnesses or a physically demanding lifestyle also requires for you to have more nutrients than usual. To improve stamina, energy, metabolism and overall health, you need to take multivitamins on a regular basis. These supplements are easily available without any prescription, however, it is best to take a doctor’s advice and get your levels assessed before starting.

Young and older men both need extra energy and nutrients to help fulfill their daily tasks. Vitamins can be especially vital for men whom has physically demanding jobs and athletes who regularly compete in a specific sport.

According to a survey in 2008 done by Council for Responsible Adults, about 53% of adult men take a supplement every day. A study also explains that men who are deficient in Vitamin D are at a higher risk of developing colon cancer later in their life. IF they pay enough attention to a good diet, they will not need to add any additional supplements to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Multivitamins for men are specifically targeted at male population to uplift their energy, boost their metabolism and stamina. Most of the times diet is not enough, and you need a supplement to be added to it. Certain conditions like chronic illnesses or a hectic and sporty lifestyle requires extra nutrients to be taken to ensure that men’s health is guaranteed. Sometimes nutrition alone might leave a few gaps, which are filled by these multivitamins for men.

Vitamin A, D, C, B, Folate and calcium is required by men to ensure their heart, muscle, brain and nervous system works effectively and smoothly. Some types of vitamins also provide protection against certain cancers like colon and prostate. Similarly, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s which is more common in men, can also be prevented if any deficiencies are handled.

How to pick the right multi-vitamin for your needs?

Before starting on any multivitamin, you need to know whether you are facing any sort of deficiency or your body requires any nutrient. For example, men need certain nutrients at a time in their life. If they are prone to any heart disease, they might be taking more folate. If they are physically active or athletic, they need to have enough Vitamin D to ensure they have strong bones.

To pick the best suited product, you need to choose one from a reliable company. These pills do not have a strict restriction of FDA, and they are often available easily. There are also different formulations like capsules, tablets and syrups so choose which you can easily use.

Any good multivitamins for men will have amount of Recommended Daily Allowance written on the label, followed by USP approval too. This label will provide you information about the amount and dosage of the nutrient you are taking, and whether it is enough or not. Your doctor will also guide you to choose the best suited vitamin required as per your age.


Based on our expert unbiased research and thousands of positive customer reviews, below are our top 3 recommendations.

OUR PICK: Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Men

In our top pick for multivitamins for men comes this product formulated by Naturelo. This supplement has vitamin A, C, D3, Minerals as Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, potassium combined with antioxidants. This has no soy or gluten in its formulation. The formula is vegan and has probiotics which was found to be helpful for gut health. Naturelo supplement helps boost immune system, supports bone health, improves digestion, boosts energy and metabolism and supports brain and heart health.

This multivitamins for men is highly recommended, since it has active form of Vitamin B for easy absorption. The capsule formulation also allows for better digestion, has no additives, fiber supports digestion and can be easily administered too. This also gave no side effects like headache or nausea and was easy to digest.

The formulation itself offers the required dosage of vitamins, alongside antioxidants from plants and fruits. The quality of ingredients is also high and at par with any other brand. Compared to other multivitamins for men, this also improves skin complexion and energy levels whole some cause breakouts. It is also recommended as our top pick since it has plant-based natural ingredients.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon7,790 Reviews
Ratings5 star 76%
4 stars 15%
3 stars 5%
2 Stars 2%
1 Star 3%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsHigh quality ingredients
Easy on the stomach
Capsule easy to administer
Improves energy

RUNNER UP: Men’s Daily Multimineral Multivitamin Supplement. 

This multivitamins for men by Vimerson health is a runner up in our list when it comes to the best picks. This formula is gluten, soy and dairy free and is easy on the stomach. This supplement has all the required nutrients for men that will help to improve energy and stamina and, improve vision, immune system, improve antioxidant capabilities, enhances general well-being and men’s health. It has a unique blend of vitamins and minerals like Vitamins A, C, D and E and B complex, Zinc and Selenium.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is also to enhance your performance and provides prostate and immune support. This supplement is soy, gluten and dairy free. Compared to other multivitamins for men in market, this contains 170mg of Male support blend which has Lycopene, Saw Palmetto and Urtica Dioica Extract in it. This blend provides nutrients, healthy heart and urinary function and promote eye health.

This multivitamins for men is also recommended by us due to its unique “Immune blend” which has Garlic and Spirulina to boost your immune system. They also give an instant boost of energy and are easy to swallow without any side effects, therefore a must try for men of all ages.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon11,762 Reviews
Ratings5 star 69%
4 stars 18%
3 stars 8%
2 Stars 2%
1 Star 3%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy To swallow
Unique Immune blend
Soy and dairy free
Easy on the stomach
Provides energy

Budget Pick: Vitafusion Men’s Gummy Vitamins

In our budget pick comes the multivitamin by Vitafusion, which is in form of Gummies, without any fructose or sweeteners. This multivitamins for men has shown to help with immune system, muscles and improves energy and metabolism in men. This is one of the best Gummy brands in America and is dairy free. They also have 5 high potency Vitamin B, antioxidants and Vitamin C and E in them to promote overall health and boost energy.

The unique part about these multivitamins is that they are in form of gummies, with massive fruit flavors. They were awarded with a Chef excellence award due to their flavors and use of no sweeteners. These are highly recommended if you are looking for a budget friendly but effective multivitamins for men. Its formulation has shown to have no dyes, gluten or dairy thus being easy to digest.

It is easy to chew and has a sugar coating as compared to other vitamins, thus easy to swallow. It is a perfect multivitamins for men to start on, and they can add it along with their healthy diet.

Total Customer Reviews on Amazon14, 869 Reviews
Ratings5 star 83%
4 stars 11%
3 stars 3%
2 Stars 1%
1 Star 2%
Top 5 reasons for 4-5-star reviewsEasy to Eat
No artificial sweeteners
Dairy Free
Provides energy and improves metabolism
Budget Friendly

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